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Adult Social Care Infection Fund: CPA Briefing note for care providers on reporting to local authorities

12 June 2020

The Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund is worth £600 million. The primary purpose of this fund is to support adult social care providers, including those with whom the local authority does not have a contract, to reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission in and between care homes and support wider workforce resilience.

This Care Provider Alliance (CPA) briefing note provides further information and examples to support care providers’ reports to local authorities. It should be read alongside the Government guidance and related annexes.

It is suggested that care providers keep reporting to local authorities at a high level, on the basis that getting into too much detail is an overhead to both the care providers and the local authorities in such reporting. 

Hence the CPA is suggesting a limited number of different areas at a top level against which care providers can easily allocate costs, whilst also giving a series of examples to prompt providers to think about how to consider their full range of costs. 

This note does not constitute legal or definitive advice. It can be used by care providers to consider potential additional costs. Arrangements will vary across local authorities. If a care provider is unsure if a potential expenditure would be in scope of the Infection Control Fund, they should discuss this with their local authority in advance of committing to that expenditure.

Download CPA briefing note: Infection Control fund reporting to LAs