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Professional Care Workers’ Week: We are family

4 September 2020

This week, 1-4 September 2020 marks Professional Care Workers’ Week. Now more than ever before, is it timely to acknowledge and appreciate the extraordinary efforts of our care workforces. With a focus on the themes of respect and recognition, care workers’ week is an opportunity for all those employed within the sector and those benefiting from the support given to recognise and celebrate the continued dedication and resilience colleagues bring to their essential roles as professional care givers.

In the past few months, care workers have risen to, and indeed above, the challenges this pandemic presented them with.

We have seen and heard inspiring stories of how colleagues across the country have gone the extra mile, clearly demonstrating their exceptional skills.  Some have moved into care homes to limit the spread of the virus, meaning that they have been unable to see their families for extended periods. Others have provided more than just physical care; they have been a source of essential emotional support - providing reassurance during months of uncertainty thus becoming the much needed continuity that so many of us have been missing.

It’s not an exaggeration to say our care workforce have been the stalwarts of the pandemic frontline providing a lifeline to the most vulnerable within our community.  This week is a poignant reminder that for a person needing support, it requires more than meeting a physical need - wellbeing needs have to be met too.

And care workers help to meet all personalised care needs . It takes more than the vast variety of skills and knowledge to be a care giver; it takes empathy, compassion, patience and a genuine interest in enhancing the lives of others. 

For those who are receiving support, their actions are greatly appreciated as can be seen by some of the comments posted on social media and shared with care providers.

“Care workers at one of our schemes gave their free time, working on days off, weekends and lunch breaks to create a wonderful garden space that everyone could enjoy. The garden is providing joy and independence with residents growing their own vegetables, which have been used in the kitchen to cook their meals.” 

The Accord Group

“Your carers are so kind and thoughtful and they go above and beyond, despite working in such difficult circumstances with covid – they continue to be professional and keep their sense of humour” – a fabulous customer compliment for our amazing Care Support Workers.

Posted on Twitter by Independent Lives

“I can’t think of a place where you would be better cared for than here. We are all very blessed to be cared for so well. They don’t just do a job; they come, and they care for you and always with a smile.”  

Molly, a resident at The Orders of St John Trust – posted on Twitter

The global pandemic has illustrated how vital social care is for people to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. It has also emboldened just how interdependent social care and the NHS are - we believe we should see the two as part of the same ‘care’ family, integrated and working together to support the wider community. 

And the public agree - as revealed by a survey carried out by CPA member, the National Care Forum recently. Its research relating to public perceptions of the care sector during COVID found 74 per cent of adults in England believe care home staff do a brilliant job. The survey of 1500 adults in England also revealed an overwhelming belief that care workers are undervalued (81 per cent) and that care workers should be paid better (80 per cent).

We hope that the awareness raised throughout this week reminds people to acknowledge and appreciate the role of care professionals and it provides the catalyst for change.

As the Government reviews future policies for the sector over the coming months, we hope to continue working closely with them on the next phase of their workforce plans for  job security as well as parity of salary with the NHS for all care workers.

We are asking everyone to support Professional Care Workers’ Week, and urge you to pay special attention to your Twitter posts on Friday 4 September using the hashtags #R&R #PCWWeek20 in the hope of achieving a trending hashtag for this campaign.

On behalf of the Care Provider Alliance, we would like to thank our amazing care workforce for their dedication, hard work, continued support and care. 

We celebrate all that you are and all that you do.


Kathy Roberts

Chair, Care Provider Alliance