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EU Settlement Scheme

Most EU citizens need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to ensure they're able to continue to live, work and access funding and services in the UK after 30 June 2021.

The CPA is providing information on the EU Settlement Scheme and encourages care providers to share information with staff, people who use social care services, their families and friends.

Care staff and EUSS

24 June 2021

Updated guidance on applying to the EUSS before 30 June deadline, plus details on late applications

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EU News

EUSS applications: webinar series

18 May 2021

Webinars on supporting vulnerable people to apply for EUSS

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EUSS and adults using care

24 June 2021

Updated ADASS and CPA guidance, including late applications, and information on No Recourse to Public Fund

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EUSS guidance for local authorities

14 July 2021

Updated guidance on proving EUSS status, eVisas, pending and late applications

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Guidance and information

EU Settlement Scheme - Guidance for adult social care providers

Updated: 25 June 2021

CPA guidance on how care providers can support staff and service users applying to the EUSS.

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Immigration system and social care

Updated: 20 October 2020

Information on the new points-based immigration system, and the Health and Care Visa.

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For employers and EUSS applicants

Updated: 24 June 2021

Information for employers and individuals applying to the EUSS.

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