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Fuel disruption

The availability of fuel within the UK is generally very good. In most circumstances, the fuel industry is well prepared to respond to supply disruptions without it impacting on the wider public. However, it is still important for organisations to consider all eventualities, including the possibility that fuel supply unavoidably falls below the level of demand.

Responding to fuel supply disruption: Supporting the social care sector – October 2022 - Local Government Association and CPA

This document has been developed to support councils, LRFs and care providers in responding to future challenges around fuel supply. It aims to:

  • clarifythenationalframework for responding to fuel disruption
  • create shared understanding and expectations about the actions that can be taken in the event of future disruption to fuel supplies, as well as the limitations of these, and
  • highlight examples of the type of local support that has worked well within that context.

Fuel supplies and transport – June 2020 – CPA

National, regional and local contingency plans already exist to manage fuel shortages. Your own business continuity and/or contingency plans should cover the supply of fuel, its impact on your services and the ability of your staff to travel to and for work. This will be similar to your plans for extremely bad weather, which can affect travel.