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Charging Reforms and Fair Cost of Care

Please find a useful quick read one-pager relating to the Charging Reforms.  We will be issuing FAQs and Guidance over the coming weeks, written in conjunction with the LGA/ADASS, DHSC and Care Provider Alliance, explaining how to participate in the process and complete the data collection tool consistently.  If you have any immediate questions or concerns, you would like included in the FAQ or guidance, please email

Please click here to download Overview of ASC charging reforms as PDF

Please click here to download Fair Cost of Care letter to providers (14.04.2022)


Announcement for Older Person Care Homes only §

The CPA are pleased to announce that an Older Person Care Home Cost of Care Tool (CHIP Tool) has been launched on Wednesday, 25th May 2022. This Tool was commissioned by the Care and Health Improvement Programme (CHIP, jointly delivered through ADASS and LGA), and its development was supported by CPA and a wide range of providers and commissioners. The Tool has been developed by iESE, who have previously developed the Care Cubed Tool that many of you may be familiar with.

The CPA are now guiding providers to helpful information and support materials and how to register and use the CHIP Care Home Tool. A presentation overview can be found here with all the key initial information, along with a detailed guidance document in the registration section below.


To register for the CHIP Tool for Care Homes, you will need to first identify a Primary User within your organisation, and this person is responsible for registering your organisation, which may be a single care home or a group of care homes. If you are part of a group of care homes, then this will likely be a person at the head office.

The Primary user can set up multiple users for your organisation but take overall responsibility for the response.

To register on the CHIP Tool, click here. There is a helpful video here and walk thorough PDF here to support registration. If you have any technical support requirements, please email

Fair Cost of Care for Care Homes


Fair Cost of Care for Homecare