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Commissioning and Funding

The adult social care sector in England is in an increasingly fragile position that will only worsen without substantial investment and reform.

The CPA highlights key issues and opportunities to improve funding and commissioning practice.

CPA welcomes NAO report

10 November 2023

Report confirms CPA longstanding concerns: system is under intense strain.

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Commissioning and Funding News

Intervention framework for LAs

8 August 2023

The government's approach to intervention in LA's role in adult social care.

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NHS-Funded Nursing Care up 5%

9 March 2023

NHS agrees increase: £219.71 pw for flat rate and £302.25 pw for high band

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Fair Cost of Care reveals 'tip of the iceberg'

1 March 2023

Government's own exercise reveals chasm in funding. Real deficit is even higher.

CPA letter to Minister

Guidance and Information

Charging Reforms and Fair Cost of Care

Information and responses to cost of care.

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The State of Social Care and Support Provision

CPA report on workforce, funding gap and rising costs.

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CPA Members' Resources

CPA members' reports, responses and resources on funding and commissioning.

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