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Workforce and coronavirus


Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, the Care Provider Alliance shared updates and information on managing and supporting staff, hosted a series of seminars and published resources to support the sector.

As arrangements have changed, we have removed most of this content, but retained links to CPA content as a record of our activity. These resources should NOT be considered as up to date guidance on the subject. 

We have retained links to official external resources on key issues, such as sick pay.

Care Provider Alliance resources on workforce and coronavirus§

Vaccination as condition of deployment: Q&A – 26 August 2021 – CPA

This document is based on a Care Provider Alliance (CPA) webinar on the implications and implementation of COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of deployment in care homes in England. The webinar, which included contributions from the Care Quality Commission and NHS England, was held on 26 August 2021. The answers provided here are based on CQC and NHSE responses. The resource is archived but retained as a record of CPA activity during Covid.

Vaccination as condition of deployment: webinar presentation – 26 August 2021 – CPA

Presentation from CPA webinar, including contributions from CQC and NHS England. This resources is archived but retained as a record of CPA activity during Covid.

A response to Workforce Capacity Fund – 29 January 2021 – CPA

Responding to the announcement about the Workforce Capacity Fund, Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance has said: “… this new funding must be distributed at speed to support providers to manage the very real staff shortages and challenges they face… We must not lose sight of the need for a longer-term solution for the sector. The government must develop a sustainable People Plan.” 

Urgent need for Social Care People Plan – 17 January 2021 - CPA

Care Provider Alliance response to additional £120m to bolster staffing: “The Care Provider Alliance is calling for a long-term Social Care People Plan. Our aim being to have parity with the NHS, in terms of recognition as a skilled workforce, and in terms of reward through comparable pay and conditions.”
Skills for Care reveals need for long-term support and recognition: CPA response – 21 October 2020 – CPA

Skills for Care today released the findings of its annual ‘State of the adult social care sector and workforce’ report, which highlights the social and economic value of social care workers, and the need to recruit, support and retain new staff into the sector.

Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) welcomed the report saying: “COVID-19 has rapidly raised the profile of the adult social care sector, and of the complex and skilled role that care workers play in supporting some of our most vulnerable people in our country. The Skills for Care report reminds us that, despite this improved awareness, much needs to be done to ensure we have sufficient numbers of well-supported care workers right now, and in the future.”

Sick pay and workforce availability: guidance for commissioners – ADASS, LGA and CPA

Guidance for local authority commissioner on alleviating pressures on care providers, including in relation to sick pay, backfill payments, workforce availability, DBS checks and deployment across different care setting.

Note: This resource has been archived, but is available here as a record of CPA activity during the coronavirus pandemic. Please see up to date guidance about Work and financial support during Coronavirus and about Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

NHS Volunteer Responders – 14 July 2020 – CPA

NHS Volunteer Responders offer help to people in need of support or who are avoiding public places during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is run by the NHS in England, supported by Royal Voluntary Service and operates across England. This Care Provider Alliance briefing summarises the programme and how staff, care provider organisations and people who use care services can access NHS Volunteer Responders.

Uber Eats and CPA offer to care workers – 29 October 2020 – CPA – Offer closed

The Care Provider Alliance partnered with Uber Eats to provide discounts on food deliveries for social care staff during the coronavirus outbreak. This offer is now closed.

Subsidised Uber rides for care providers and workers – updated 31 July 2020 – Uber and CPA - Offer Closed

CPA and Uber worked together to enable care providers and individual care workers to get 25% off Uber trips. This offer is now closed

Useful links§

Join Social Care

The Join Social Care website was launched to support care providers recruitment needs during the Covid-19 crisis. The recruitment platform is free of charge and makes it easier for care providers to reach potential employees in their local area.

Guidance for care providers – GOV.UK

The government guidance on residential care, supported living, and home care includes information on supporting your workforce.

Guidance for employers and business – GOV.UK

General guidance for all employers including encouraging working from home, protecting vulnerable employees and supporting infection prevention and control at work.

Statutory Sick Pay – GOV.UK

Government guidance on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)