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Data collection systems: Letter from CPA to Providers

12 May 2020

Dear colleagues

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) recognises the immense value of data in the COVID crisis. It is vital that there is clear, accurate, daily data to understand how the COVID crisis is unfolding so that there can be a joined up, targeted response across the DHSC, NHS, CQC, MHCLG, LGA and ADASS to support and protect the front line of care and the highly vulnerable people they support. The CPA is fully supportive of the efforts by government to collect key essential daily data from care providers during the COVID crisis.

It has been agreed with the DHSC, NHS, CQC, MHCLG and CPA that there are two national data collection mechanisms to do this:

Note: For those who provide both care home/ nursing homes and home care, they must complete both. Data collection mechanisms for other types of service such as supported living or Shared Lives are being developed

The CPA is aware that, prior to the COVID crisis, there were a number of data collection mechanisms being used by local authorities and CCGs to gather a range of data from care providers. However, these often ask for the same data as the two national systems, which is an unnecessary duplication. 

The CPA has a clear position on data collection during the COVID crisis: the two national data collection mechanisms - NHS Capacity Tracker and the CQC Update - are the priority for care providers who offer care home/nursing homes and/or home care to complete on a daily basis and other duplicate data requests are not. 

The LGA and ADASS were party to the discussions around these data collection mechanisms and they have advised that, in some areas, providers and LAs are happy to continue to use the previous data collection mechanism they had in place prior to COVID as well as supplying the same data via the Capacity Tracker and the CQC update. Where this is the case and care providers are happy to do this on a voluntary basis, no doubt this will continue. The LGA and ADASS are encouraging their members to keep strategic communication channels open with providers while not requesting duplicate data.

Where providers do not wish to provide duplicate data, we are fully supportive of them not doing so. We would advise all providers to signpost any LAs requesting unnecessary duplicate data to the joint statement on this from CPA, DHSC and CQC from 17 April 2020.

This statement clearly says to care providers:   

“If you provide this [Capacity Tracker and / or the CQC Update] information daily, via the appropriate route, local authorities, CCGs and other local bodies will receive that data. This means they will not need to make the same request and should not be contacting individual homes or services for this data.”

If any LA or CCG is struggling to access the data from the Capacity Tracker they should contact

If they are struggling to access data from the CQC Update they should contact 

If, as a provider, you have any concerns about request for duplicate data or you need advice on how to complete the Capacity Tracker or CQC Update please contact the Digital Social Care Helpline on 020 8133 3430 or

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Lenton

Chair, Care Provider Alliance



Signed on behalf of all CPA Member Associations

Michael Voges

Chief Executive Officer


Lisa Lenton

England Director

ARC England

Kathy Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Association of Mental Health Providers

Prof Martin Green

Chief Executive Officer

Care England

Nadra Ahmed


National Care Association

Vic Rayner

Executive Director

National Care Forum

Ian Turner

Executive Chair

Registered Nursing Home Association

Alex Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Shared Lives Plus

Jane Townson

Chief Executive Officer


Dr Rhidian Hughes

Chief Executive Officer