Coronavirus and mental wellbeing

Everyone is concerned about coronavirus, and it can affect our mental health. For those who may already suffer from anxiety, depression or other mental health problems, the constant feed of information and news about coronavirus will be particularly overwhelming.

Useful sources of advice and information on managing your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak include:

CPA and Big Health partnership provides free mental health apps to care workers: press release  – 18 May 2020 – CPA and Big Health

Big Health partners with the Care Provider Alliance to bring apps Daylight and Sleepio to everyone working in adult social care in England to support their mental health during the crisis. 

Sleepio: digital sleep improvement programme – free to care workers – 7 May 2020 – CPA and Big Health

Sleepio is a highly personalised, digital sleep improvement programme based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), that gets to the root of stubborn poor sleep. Sleepio users interact with The Prof, their own virtual sleep expert, who teaches them evidence-based skills via 6 weekly video sessions. There are also tools to help manage any worries and thoughts that make it difficult to sleep and ways to improve your environment and habits for better sleep. Sleepio is backed by clinical evidence, including 12 published RCTs and 37 published papers.

Access Sleepio from a computer or laptop here.

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Daylight: app to help manage anxiety – Free to care workers – 7 May 2020 – CPA and Big Health

Daylight is an app that will teach you ways to manage worry and anxiety in your life. Through techniques based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Daylight offers audio-led guidance tailored to your own problematic thoughts, behaviours, and responses to worry and anxiety. The programme gives you a range of techniques and guides you through daily practice sessions. Access Daylight here.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): health and wellbeing of the adult social care workforce – 12 May 2020 – GOV.UK

Government guidance for anyone who works in adult social care. It provides advice on how you can manage your personal mental health in the current circumstances.

It also provides adult social care employers with guidance, tools and advice on how to take care of the wellbeing of staff at work.

Psychological effects of coronavirus: resources and tips – British Psychological Society

Guidance, tips and webinars on the psychological impact of coronavirus and how to deal with it.

Every Mind Matters – Public Health England

Public Health England has launched a campaign to encourage adults to take steps to look after their mental health during this difficult time, using Every Mind Matters and its self-care resources.

Our Frontline: support for social care workers – Mental Health at Work

Our Frontline offers round-the-clock one-to-one support, along with a collection of resources, tips and ideas chosen to support care workers mental health during COVID-19 outbreak.

Text FRONTLINE to 85258 for a text conversation or call 116 123 for a phone conversation. Access their website for tips and resources.

Managing our mental health during COVID-19 – 23 March 2020 – Association of Mental Health Providers

CPA member, the Association of Mental Health Providers, is collating information and tools to help people to manage their mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak.

Guidance for the public on mental health and wellbeing – 29 March 2020 – GOV.UK

Advice and information on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


Looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak – Mental Health Foundation

Practical advice and tips, such as maintaining contact with friends and family, even if you are in isolation; avoid speculation and rely on trusted sources of information; manage how you keep yourself updated.


Coronavirus and your wellbeing – Mind

Advice from Mind on managing your mental wellbeing – including how to prepare for staying at home or indoors.

Anxiety helpline and resources – 23 March 2020 - Anxiety UK

National charity Anxiety UK is extending its helpline hours. Tel 03444 775774. They also provide a range of resources and support, including webinars, to help people to deal with their anxiety.

Domestic abuse during COVID-19 outbreak #YouAreNotAlone campaign – 11 April 2020 – GOV.UK

Isolation rules do not apply for those suffering from domestic abuse. Police response and support services remain available. The #YouAreNotAlone social media campaign aims to raise awareness of the issue and the availability of support.

More information can be found on Twitter and on Facebook.


Resources for employers§

Employers may also wish to use the following generic information on mental wellbing for their staff.


Thriving at work – mental wellbeing

Thriving at Work sets out what employers can do to better support all employees, including those with mental health problems to remain in and thrive through work. Includes Easy Read resources.


Mental Health at Work Gateway

Mind, the UK charity, provides access to a wide range of resources to support mental health at work.


Time to Change

Led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, the organisation focuses on changing attitudes to mental health problems. They have a range of useful materials, including research in this area to help individuals and employers.


Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation provide useful guides and information on various topics, including mental health in the workplace.


People Manager’s Guide to Mental Health (PDF)

This guide developed by Mind and the CIPD helps anyone involved in people management and includes information, templates and practical advice to help managers facilitate conversations about stress and mental health issues.


Resources for individuals§

Tips and advice to boost mental health

Mental health and wellbeing resources from the NHS.


Looking after your mental health

The Mental Health Foundation provides a wide range of resources to support individuals better manage their mental wellbeing.


Take care of yourself

The charity Mind offers useful resources to help individuals who experience mental ill-being to include anxiety and depression.


Support for employees

Led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, the organisation focuses on changing attitudes to mental health problems. They have a range of useful materials, including research in this area to help individuals and employers.

Mental wellbeing resources – Care Management Matters

Practical documents and tools collated by Care Management Matters including downloads that can support you to recognise the importance of your mental health, make it a priority, and options to incorporate small changes into your life to make things feel easier.

Facebook group: relaxation and mediation for key workers – 31 March 2020 – Relax with Lucy

This is a free group for key workers including mediation and relaxation techniques.

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