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CPA in the News

CPA in the news

The CPA seeks to raise the profile of the social care providers in the press.

We provide briefings, articles, statements and press releases on key issues affecting adult social care.

Funding and Reform§

Care Provider Alliance publishes new report – Care Management Matters – 16 November 2022

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) published a new report this week, detailing the current state of social care in England.

The CPA briefing, The State of the Social Care and Support Provision in England, highlights the key issues currently afflicting the social care sector. 

New care briefing highlights risks of market instability - Care Home Management online – 16 November 2022

A new briefing, The State of the Social Care and Support Provision in England, highlights the implications for Government of continued market instability.

Key issues for care providers§

What keeps me awake at night – Kathy Roberts, CPA Chair -  20 October 2020 – Care Talk

Opinion piece by Kathy Roberts, CPA in CareTalk:

“As I consider the thoughts passing through my mind at 3 in the morning, it always seems to settle on the same theme: “What would I want for social care and can it happen at a time when everything is so uncertain?”

“From the smallest to the largest care service providers across the country, all share a singular ambition; to enable people to live as independently as possible, living the life they chose.”

EU Settlement Scheme§

CPA is encouraging care providers to share information about the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) with their staff and service users.

Coronavirus and care providers§

Our coverage since March 2020 has focused on coronavirus. 

We have been working with national and trade press to build awareness of what social care providers and their staff are doing to tackle coronavirus, the challenges that they face, and the support that they need.  

Our key coverage is outlined below.

Pressure on care providers§

Funding concerns§

Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate plans§

Joint working§

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