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CPA Survey 2020

Insurance survey - Care providers§

Many thanks to all care providers who took part in our recent insurance survey. The survey is now closed and we are in the process of collating the findings, which will be shared with colleagues at the Department of Health and Social Care. We will update this website with the results from the survey in due course.

CPA Member Survey - Business continuity: May 2020§

Published 11 June 2020

Over the last few months the CPA have consulted with members on various topics. Our most recent survey on business continuity sought to understand the planning priorities care providers are likely to face over the next six months. The survey ran from 20 – 27 May 2020 and the findings provided useful insights. At least one provider from each of the ten CPA membership associations took part to give a broad perspective in the responses.

Costs and funding were identified as the number one priority, alongside issues relating to the care workforce, infection control and PPE, managing occupancy and operational issues in running the service.

This compares to the March 2020 survey (see below) where providers identified key priorities over a 12-month period as: the workforce, with recruitment and retention being a key priority; the management of COVID-19 and minimising its impact on service continuity, concerns around delivery of goods and supplies especially PPE; and managing costs. These issues remain key concerns for providers and will continue to be so over the coming months.

Provider feedback is extremely important to us in representing the views of the sector to the government. We have used your feedback to inform strategic thinking at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and in our discussions with senior ministers, to make sure that the concerns of care providers is taken into account on development of strategy and guidance.

Download Key findings from the May 2020 business continuity survey.

Insurance and indemnity survey May 2020§

Published 11 June 2020

Finance and corporate services leads within care providers were invited to take part in a special CPA survey on insurance and indemnity. The survey ran from 21 – 27 May 2020, and received responses from 115 providers across the CPA membership. Most of the respondents to the online survey were home care providers and so additional consultation with care home providers – in the form of a forum discussion - was undertaken in order to get a balanced picture from across the sector. 

The report provides findings from both activities and the highlights the following key points:

  • Providers will face some claims, particularly as a result of supporting people who have not been tested. 
  • The insurance market is shrinking 
  • Insurers are seeking to limit their liability 
  • Costs are rising where cover is provided. 

The timing of this report is early-on in the insurance cover renewal process, and only 1/12 of the market will have actually renewed their insurance policies. The longer-term availability of affordable and effective insurance cover is still in doubt. 

Although responses from homecare providers suggest that they may not have experienced the same difficulties as care homes, this this a rapidly evolving situation for which the Government needs to have a solution ready if it changes. The CPA believes that the situation must be kept under review over the coming months to help assess the full extent of the impact on the sector.

Download Key findings from the insurance and indemnity survey May 2020.

CPA survey: March 2020 findings§

We are delighted to report that 223 care providers took part in our survey on Contingency Planning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey went live on Tuesday 17th March and closed on Thursday 26th March 2020. Providers taking part represented a broad range of care provision in the sector supporting a wide variety of service user groups.

A copy of the key findings from the survey is available here.

As part of our ongoing work in representing the views of care providers and the major issues affecting the sector with the Department of Health and Social Care, we have drawn on the feedback provided to press for action on the urgent need for PPE supplies and testing in social care, funding and the vast issues relating to the workforce.

We continue to work tirelessly to resolve the issues raised in the survey and are very aware of the pressures and challenges experienced by providers in the sector. Be assured that we are doing all we can to expedite progress with senior government officials.