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Digital Social Care

The Care Provider Alliance and its members lead a project on Digital Social Care - including a separate web resource:

Digital Social Care is a dedicated space to provide advice and support to the sector on technology and data protection.

Key themes include:

  • Use of digital technology during coronavirus pandemic
  • The benefits of digital in social care
  • Protecting my information
  • Sharing care records via email
  • Measuring digital readiness
  • Choosing software and equipment

Resources include:

  • Completing Standards Met on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • Completing Entry Level on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • Guidance for staff on completing the Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • How to document your data processing
  • Advice on contracts with third parties
  • Advice on contracts for secure disposal of personal data 
  • Template policies to help with completing the Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • An introduction to Cyber Security
  • Grants for data and Cyber Security projects and providers
  • Data Security and Protection Toolkit and NHSmail Training materials

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Data and Cyber Security Programme 2019/20 – report published – 3 June 2020

The report of the 2019/20 Data and Cyber Security Programme (sometimes known as the “Cabinet Office project”) has been published.

Digital Social Care has been working with th=e Local Government Association, NHS Digital and NHSX on how to help care providers benefit from the increased use of digital technology while also keeping safe and secure.

Over the last year, 24 local projects and 57 individual care providers have been exploring practical solutions to the challenges of data and cyber security. The full programme report, written by the Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University, and some new guidance on staff training in this area, can be downloaded via the Digital Social Care website. There are also videos from some of the projects, and a link to new guidance for commissioners.

Ian Turner, who leads the programme on behalf of Digital Social Care and the Care Provider Alliance, said:

“We know that while they meet the challenges of COVID-19, care providers have never been busier, and that data and cyber security may not seem an immediate priority at this time. However, the risks are still out there, and I would encourage all care providers to look carefully at this topic when they are able to. We hope that the information and guidance we publish will help them to do so.”

Coronavirus Digital Social Care helpline

If care providers would like to speak to a member of the Digital Social Care Team about the use of technology during Covid-19 they can contact the team at:

Telephone: 0208 133 3430 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)