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Flu vaccine supplies

Information on flu vaccine supplies and how to access a vaccination for eligible care workers during Winter 2020/21.


Flu vaccination: why you are being asked to wait – 6 October 2020 – GOV.UK

DHSC information on flu vaccine supplies. Direct quotes below:

“Overall, there is enough flu vaccine for everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated before the flu season starts, which is usually in December. Flu vaccine is delivered to GP practices, pharmacies and other services in batches in the run-up to and over flu season. This year, early demand for flu vaccine has been higher than usual.

This has meant that while a lot of people have been able to get vaccinated, some people have not been able to get vaccinated straight away as some GP practices and pharmacies have used their early supplies of flu vaccine, due to the level of demand.

If you are eligible and haven’t been able to get your vaccination yet, you will still be able to have it before flu season starts.

There are several types of flu vaccines available. You will be offered one that is recommended for you based on your age. This means some people will be offered a flu vaccine that is in stock while others, who need a different type of vaccine, may have to wait.

If you have been advised you are eligible for a flu vaccine but can’t have the flu vaccine now because the best vaccine for you is not currently available, follow the advice from your GP surgery or pharmacy and book an appointment at the next opportunity.”