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Care Provider Alliance welcomes Government plans for care workforce§

11 January 2024

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) has welcomed the Government’s plans for the social care workforce.

CPA chair, Dr Jane Townson OBE, said:

“Working in care offers rewarding and challenging careers for many, though wider society does not always recognise this. We therefore welcome the launch of a care career pathway…

“There remains, however, the challenge of pay and terms and conditions of employment for all in care roles. This week’s announcement is critical, but the government must invest more to enable care providers to recruit, reward and keep good staff. “

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Care Provider Alliance responds to migration changes, as minimum wage rises without extra funding §

4 December 2023

“Everyone wants fair pay for care workers. We also want to grow the UK workforce to meet needs. But employers cannot increase wages and expand recruitment within the UK without a corresponding increase in income, especially when margins are tight… On top of this, the government is effectively severing the lifeline of international recruitment... If care workforce numbers fall and providers cease to operate, unmet need will escalate. Not only will this lead to individual and family suffering, but it will increase pressure on council and NHS services and further extend waiting lists.”

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Care Provider Alliance responds to National Audit Office Report on Adult Social Care Reform in England§

10 November 2023

The Care Provider Alliance welcomes the National Audit Office Report on Adult Social Care Reform in England. It casts a spotlight on critical issues facing adult social care, which supports over a million people with a workforce of 1.6 million. 

Our chief concerns are lack of funding for fair payment for care for all ages and workforce development; and delays in implementing the reform programme. 

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Care Provider Alliance demands swift resolution for exploited migrant workers §

24 October 2023

“The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) is mindful of the cases that are being raised and we are working with the Home Office and Department of Health and Social Care to stop unacceptable and criminal practices.

“Our sector values people coming to work with us in social care and support services. Staff from other nations offer extensive skills to support many people they will work with across our country. We demand a swift resolution for any person who has been poorly treated by unscrupulous recruiters.”

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National Care Forum publish blueprint on accommodation based intermediate care and reablement§

25 September 2023

The National Care Forum (NCF) in partnership with the Care Provider Alliance, has published a blueprint for effective accommodation based Intermediate Care and Reablement, based on evidence of what works from the care sector. The publication of the blueprint supports the recent release of the NHS intermediate care framework and the framework’s aims of enabling people to get back to a place they call home on leaving hospital, in addition to the acknowledgement that some people will need to stay in a residential setting temporarily to receive rehabilitation before going home.

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Jane Townson, CEO of Homecare Association becomes Care Provider Alliance chair§

1 September 2023

The coalition of national voices of adult social care providers in England, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) is delighted to welcome Dr Jane Townson OBE, Chief Executive Officer of the Homecare Association, as the incoming Chair for 2023/24.

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CPA welcomes NHS Workforce Plan§

30 June 2023

Nadra Ahmed, chair of the Care Provider Alliance, has responded to the NHS Workforce Plan saying:

“The Care Provider Alliance welcomes the publication of the NHS workforce plan. Social care providers share the same staffing shortages, funding challenges and cost of living pressures as our NHS colleagues. We are committed to tackling those challenges together and welcome the framework the plan provides to enable us to work within it while we work towards an equally necessary plan for social care.”

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NMC registration at record high: but decreases in community and learning disability nurses – CPA response§

24 May 2023

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has today (24 May 2023) published their annual report of the number of nurses, midwives and nursing associates who have joined and left the NMC register in the UK during 2022/23.

Care Provider Alliance chair, Nadra Ahmed responded: “We also note the decrease in specialist community and public health nurses and learning disability nursing staff. We therefore call on the government for the resources and systems to maximise the availability of NMC registered staff to take on all adult social care roles.”

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Social care workforce investment cut by £250m: CPA response§

4 April 2023

On behalf of the Care Provider Alliance and the whole sector, we are disappointed today to hear that the Treasury and Department of Health and Social Care DHSC have taken the decision to cut £250m of social care workforce investment. 

What we see time and again is the limitations of urgent funding reaching our frontline staff and money that should be forthcoming being revoked at the last minute. 

They fail to understand that their decisions have a direct impact on individuals who need care and support.

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New Year’s Honours for Care Provider Alliance leaders§

1 January 2023

We are delighted that our current chair Nadra Ahmed from the National Care Association and our next chair, Dr Jane Townson from the Homecare Association, have both been recognised in the New Year’s Honours List.

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Engaging social care providers as key strategic partners in integrated care systems: new learning network established§

15 December 2022

The new arrangements for Integrated Care Systems offer a real opportunity to meaningfully include adult social care providers as key strategic partners. As every area of England seeks to establish their own arrangements, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) and NHS England are convening a new learning network which will host a series of online sessions exploring emerging practice and innovative models of partnerships working.

To launch the network, a learning summit will be held on 26 January 2023, with a focus on developing strategic models of engagement with adult social care providers. 

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Care services not routinely prioritised in event of power outage§

8 December 2022

Energy suppliers are not consistently recognising social care providers as priority clients in the event of a power outage – putting many of our most vulnerable citizens at risk.

The Care Provider Alliance – the national alliance of the main care provider associations in England – has learned that care providers often struggle to be added to energy suppliers’ Priority Service Register.

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'Social care reform cannot wait' says Care Provider Alliance§

15 November 2022

It is grossly irresponsible for the government to assist widespread speculation in relation to the fate of adult social care reform. The promises and commitments on reform were made to the millions who receive care and support, unpaid carers and those who work in the sector. Social care should be at the top of every Member of Parliament’s priorities – it sits at the heart of communities up and down the country – and it changes peoples’ lives.

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CPA calls for Government review of care workforce: vacancies up by 52 per cent§

13 October 2022

Skills for Care’s latest State of the Adult Social Care Sector and Workforce report reveals the deepening recruitment and retention crisis within social care. Nadra Ahmed, CPA chair responds: “On behalf of the services who struggle to recruit and retain staff, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) repeats our call for a Government-led review focused on creating a new career-based pay and reward structure for these essential workers.”

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CPA extends sympathy following the death of The Queen§

9 September 2022

The Care Provider Alliance and its members offer their sympathy and support to the Royal Family on the sad death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Nadra Ahmed, chair of CPA, said: “Losing a family member is a painful and difficult experience for everyone – but we have also lost a beloved head of state who gave a lifetime of public service to our nation.”

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Members of the Care Provider Alliance welcomes Nadra Ahmed OBE, Executive Chairman of the National Care Association as incoming Chair§

7 September 2022

The coalition of national voices of adult social care providers in England, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) is delighted to welcome Nadra Ahmed OBE, Executive Chairman of the National Care Association as the incoming Chair for the 2022/2023 term.

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Government must bring back COVID funding to safeguard 'lives and livelihood', says UNISON§

05 May 2022

Christina McAnea and Professor Martin Green warn more staff could quit unless infection control fund is reinstated

UNISON and the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) have written jointly to Sajid Javid urging him to reinstate Covid funding for social care.

The letter to the health and social care secretary says the government’s decision to end the adult social care covid infection control fund (ICF) – at a time when virus rates are still high – is an ‘incredibly dangerous move’ that will ‘cost lives’.

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Sector leaders call for action on social care workforce§

25 March 2022

National adult social care organisations have come together to call on the Government to deliver a long-term care workforce strategy and tackle the issue of care worker pay.

 These organisations, which represent people who draw on care and support, social care providers, care workers and commissioners, all argue that action on these key issues will help address the serious problem of recruitment and retention and in turn, deliver better support for people across our communities.

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Professor Martin Green, Care England, takes over as CPA Chair§

16 September 2021

On 1 September Professor Martin Green OBE took over from Kathy Roberts as Chair of the Care Provider Alliance (CPA).

The CPA brings together the ten main national associations which represent independent and voluntary adult social care providers in England and ensures a coordinated response to the major issues that affect it.

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“Lest we forget” the care home residents lost through the covid-19 pandemic§

21 July 2021

Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance, responds to the publication of Care Quality Commission data on notifications of deaths of care home residents with reference to covid-19 from 10 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

“Care homes across the country – and indeed across the world – are acutely aware of the devastation caused by covid-19.

“No one understands the distress, loss and ongoing exhaustion wreaked by the pandemic better than the residents, families, frontline staff and management of our pressurised care homes.

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Adult Social Care Leaders come together with a vision for a future workforce strategy§

20 July 2021

Adult social care leaders have come together for the first time to offer a collective vision of what should be in a workforce strategy for the growing sector.

The leaders of Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), Care Provider Alliance (CPA), Care and Support Alliance (CSA), Local Government Association (LGA), Skills for Care, Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) represent people who draw down on care and support services, employers, workers, inspectors and commissioners.

They argue a strategy for the 1.5 million strong workforce must be driven by a shared vision. As Social Care Future put it ‘we all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter to us.’

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Legislation to mandate covid vaccine: CPA letter to Member of the House of Lords – Push the pause button§

17 July 2021

The Care Provider Alliance has written to members of the House of Lords, asking them to ‘push the pause button’ on the legislation to mandate Covid vaccine for care home staff which will be in debated in the Lords on 20 July 2021.

We are “writing to confirm that while we are strongly in favour of vaccination for social care staff and recognise the benefits and the extremely low risks of this, we have concerns. We ask that you carefully consider our concerns and push the pause button on this piece of legislation until you are completely satisfied that you have all the facts before you.”

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Social care reform – Joint letter to the Prime Minister, Chancellor and Secretary of State§

21 June 2021

The Care Provider Alliance joins other national social care organisations to call for social care reform with a focus on three key requests: Funding for short-term stabilisation; investment and reform proposals on the long-term future of social care; and investment in the short term to speed the shift towards a system of social care that is both sustainable and fit for the modern age.

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Senior social care leaders’ joint response to the 2021 Queen’s Speech§

14 May 2021

CPA joins other senior leads in joint response to Queen’s Speech. “As senior members of organisations representing people who draw on, work in, commission, provide and regulate adult social care and support, we are united in our view that the Government’s proposals for the future of social care – promised again in the Queen’s Speech for later this year – must be brought forward urgently along with a clear timeline for action.”

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CPA response to Queen’s Speech§

11 May 2021

“While we acknowledge the repeated commitment to reform in today’s speech, we urge government to bring forward active plans to not only seek closer integration with health and care, but to ensure a long-term, sustainable funding agreement for the sector.” Kathy Robert, CPA Chair.

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Looking to the future – lessons from COVID§

29 April 2021

Today (29 April 2021) at the ADASS Virtual Spring Seminar 2021, Kathy Roberts, chair of the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) shares key learning harnessing the experience of the pandemic to develop long standing reform to social care.

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Sleep-ins Supreme Court appeals dismissed: CPA calls for urgent implementation of a Social Care People Plan§

19 March 2021

The Supreme Court has ruled that care workers who have to sleep at their workplace in case they are needed overnight are not entitled to the minimum wage for their whole shift, but just for the hours they are required to be awake for work.

Responding to the decision, Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance, said:

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling brings legal clarity – but the wider issue of fair pay for care workers has not gone away. So, regardless of today’s ruling, we must not lose sight of the need for a longer-term solution for all people who work in social care. This is why the Care Provider Alliance is calling for a long-term, sufficiently resourced, Social Care People Plan.”

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CPA welcomes additional £341m for infection control, and asks for long-term, sustainable solution§

18 March 2021

“The Government’s additional funding for infection control and testing will be widely welcomed by care providers, their staff and ultimately by the people they support and their families. However, the Care Provider Alliance continues to call of a long-term, sustainable funding solution for the care sector.”

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Improved oversight and reform of DNACPR welcomed by CPA§

18 March 2021

Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) responds to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) report Protect, respect, connect – decisions about living and dying well during COVID-19 about worrying variation in people’s experiences of do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (DNACPR) decisions during the pandemic.

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Social Care leaders call on the Government to end 25 years of inaction on funding§

17 March 2021

CPA joins sector leaders in saying that the coronavirus crisis has laid bare the fragilities of the social care system in England after 25 years of failure by successive governments to put it on a sustainable footing.

Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance, said; 

"Emergency funding from the government has been a lifeline to our care and support sector. However, as a result of COVID-19 the ongoing cost pressure are leaving many providers, their employees and the people we support balancing on a financial cliff edge. The alliance demands that Treasury increase the funding available to the whole care sector, so that we can effectively deliver essential services, both now and beyond this pandemic."

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Urgent call for emergency funding§

11 March 2021

CPA calls on the government to immediately extend the emergency funding available to the care provider sector as a matter of urgency. CPA Chair, Kathy Roberts says: “The clock is ticking and time is running out. It is vital that care providers have a clear understanding of what measures will be in place to support them to operate after the deadline of 31st March of the emergency funding arrangements.”

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CPA on the forgotten frontline§

05 February 2021

Whilst, there is much to celebrate from the achievements of the vaccine rollout in the UK to date, people with learning disabilities and severe mental illness are the forgotten parts of the social care system in the vaccine prioritisation programme. Kathy Roberts, chair of the Care Provider Alliance calls for more to be done to protect the most vulnerable in our society and the right of access to the vaccine to be equally distributed to all those who are at greatest risk.

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CPA response to Workforce Capacity Fund§

29 January 2021

Responding to the announcement about the Workforce Capacity Fund, Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance has said: “… this new funding must be distributed at speed to support providers to manage the very real staff shortages and challenges they face… We must not lose sight of the need for a longer-term solution for the sector. The government must develop a sustainable People Plan.”

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Urgent need for Social Care People Plan: CPA response to new funding to bolster staffing§

17 January 2021

In response to the government's announcement of a new £120 million fund for Local Authorities to bolster staffing, Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance says:

"I'm sure I speak for care providers everywhere when I say that we are delighted with today's announcement of additional funding to the sector to bolster staffing and that the operational constraint of staff movement has been overturned.

"...Care Provider Alliance is calling for a long-term Social Care People Plan. Our aim being to have parity with the NHS, in terms of recognition as a skilled workforce, and in terms of reward through comparable pay and conditions."

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COVID-19 vaccine urgently needed for all care settings§

4 December 2020

Responding to the COVID-19 vaccine, Kathy Roberts, chair of the CPA says:

“It is right that the people with first priority to the vaccine are those at greatest risk – older people living in care homes. However, we must not lose sight that there is good evidence that certain underlying health conditions increase the risk of morbidity and mortality… The wider adult social care sector continues to support daily many of the people in the high-risk category and who are also on the priority list for the vaccine. For example, people with learning disabilities or autism.

“We want to see a coordinated approach used for the care workforce to make sure that care workers are supported to get the vaccine, so that in turn they can support people receiving care and support to be vaccinated.”

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CPA responds to the Comprehensive Spending Review§

25 November 2020

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) is the collective, national voice of adult social care providers in England, bringing together the ten national associations which represent private, voluntary and community sector providers. 

Responding to the Chancellor’s comprehensive spending review, Kathy Roberts, chair of the CPA says:

comprehensive spending review, Kathy Roberts, chair of the CPA says:

“The spending review has come at a critical time. The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified some of the challenges that exist in the adult social care sector. Public spending in local authorities and adult social care have seen heavy cuts in previous years and there is a need to redress some of that imbalance and make public spending more comprehensive, focusing not just on health services but on care and support, and not just on spending by national government but by local government too."

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CPA welcomes focus on good infection prevention and control practice in CQC report§

19 November 2020

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) welcomes the Care Quality Commission’s latest report on infection prevention and control during the coronavirus pandemic.  Speaking about the report, Kathy Roberts, CPA chair said: “CQC’s very timely report provides further evidence and examples to support continuous improvement in this area and we look forward to working with CQC on this crucial issue for care providers, their staff and the people they support.”

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CPA welcomes approach to review of DNARs during COVID-19§

17 November 2020

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) welcomes the system-wide approach that the Care Quality Commission’s plans to take to reviewing the use of do not resuscitate decisions during COVID-19.

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Testing to support care home visits: CPA response§

14 November 2020

Plans to allow care home visiting with appropriate testing plans have been accelerated - and not before time.

Recent announcements by the Department of Health and Social Care about testing to support care home visits will provide a structured approach and be welcome news to many care providers’ clients and families.

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) recognises that for some families and providers, these development will, unfortunately, be too late. 

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Visiting in care homes: joint call for action§

2 November 2020

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) has joined over 60 organisations to call for greater support to enable care homes to safely facilitate care home visits during COVID-19 restrictions.

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Social care workforce report reveals need for long-term support and recognition: CPA response§

21 October 2020 

Skills for Care today released the findings of its annual ‘State of the adult social care sector and workforce’ report, which highlights the social and economic value of social care workers, and the need to recruit, support and retain new staff into the sector.

Kathy Roberts, Chair of the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) welcomed the report saying: “COVID-19 has rapidly raised the profile of the adult social care sector, and of the complex and skilled role that care workers play in supporting some of our most vulnerable people in our country. The Skills for Care report reminds us that, despite this improved awareness, much needs to be done to ensure we have sufficient numbers of well-supported care workers right now, and in the future.”

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CQC state of heath and care report – CPA response: Exposure and opportunities§

16 October 2020

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has today issued its State of health care and adult social care report for 2019/20 which includes the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. It exposes the weakness and strengths of the care sector, and highlights opportunities for change.

Speaking about CQC’s findings and recommendations, Kathy Roberts, chair of the Care Provider Alliance said: “Care providers are to be congratulated … But they cannot be taken for granted.

“As the Alliance of the main trade associations working across the adult social care sector, the CPA is calling for:

  • a long-term funding and support solution to ensure that the social care market is sustainable
  • an equal place for care providers at local and national planning and decision-making tables alongside our health and local authority colleagues
  • recognition and reward for our highly-skilled care workforce.”

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Regulation of services for autistic people and/or people with a learning disability – CPA response§

8 October 2020

Kathy Roberts, chair of the Care Provider Alliance, “welcomes CQC’s revised guidance on the regulation of services for autistic people and people with a learning disability and their increased focus on outcomes, human rights and dignity.

“We look forward to continuing to work with CQC on their approach to regulation – and we are particularly pleased to see their commitment to supporting care providers prior to requesting registration.”

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COVID-19 Taskforce Report - an opportunity to build resilience§

24 September 2020

Kathy Roberts, Chair of the CPA says, “We welcome the Covid-19 Social Care Taskforce Report and the comprehensive recommendations from the advisory groups…. Now more than ever we would like to see a greater focus on people of all ages receiving care and support, particularly for people with mental health needs, learning disabilities and autism, their families and carers, and for people in all care settings including in their own homes and in the community.”

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CPA responds to the Adult Social Care Winter Plan§

18 September 2020

CPA welcomes the government’s promise of extra funding as part of the Infection Control Fund and the announcement of the new Adult Social Care Winter Plan. Kathy Roberts, CPA chair, says:

“The Care Provider Alliance has been working closely with the Minster of State (Minister for Care) Helen Whately, MP and senior policy officials at the Department of Health and Social Care on the core elements of the Winter Plan. As an Alliance we have played an important role in calling on government to provide essential PPE for free to care providers… We are also delighted by the announcement of a new Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care. During the height of the pandemic, many of our members told us of the essential need for expert clinical advice and input. Our expectation is that this role further strengthens our ability to provide more community-based longer term condition management and palliative care.”

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Kathy Roberts, Chief Executive of the Association of Mental Health Providers, takes over as CPA chair§

01 September 2020

The collective, national voice of adult social care providers in England, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) is delighted to welcome Kathy Roberts, Chief Executive of the Association of Mental Health Providers as new chair from 1 September 2020.

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Insurance market for care providers is shrinking§

19 August 2020

Our findings have revealed that the insurance market is indeed shrinking and insurers are seeking to limit their liability. There has also been evidence of significant increases in costs of insurance premiums and exclusions in cover, creating further challenges to providers.

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Care providers should encourage staff and service users to apply to EU Settlement Scheme§

24 July 2020

Most EU citizens need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) to ensure they are able to continue to live, work and access funding and services in the UK after 30 June 2021. EU citizens are important to care providers both as staff and clients. The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) is calling on all social care organisations to ensure their staff and people who use their services are aware of the EUSS and how to apply. The CPA  has today published guidance for adult social care providers on the EUSS.

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How to get the most out of inspection: CPA response to CQC guidance§

23 July 2020

CQC has set out key principles and a shared understanding so that everyone gets the most out of inspection. Responding to the document, Lisa Lenton, Chair, Care Providers Alliance, said: "Effective relationships are based on communication and collaboration and we welcome this document that outlines the expectations for both providers and inspectors during an inspection.”

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CQC rapid review of learning from local areas response to COVID-19: CPA response§

8 July 2020

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is carrying out rapid reviews of how providers are working collaboratively in local areas. Responding to the planned reviews, Lisa Lenton, CPA chair said: “Collaboration is key and identifying more effective ways to work in partnership is very welcome to swiftly evaluate what will need to happen in the event of a second peak to support people who access care and support.” Read more

#StarsInMemory: Connected by Care – United by Loss§

23 June 2020

On 30 June 2020 a group of care organisations invites everyone who has experienced loss and bereavement in their lives to connect by making a star and placing it in their window or post on social media under the hashtag #StarsInMemory. Read more

CPA welcomes examples of care provider innovation during coronavirus§

4 June 2020

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published more than 300 examples from the front line. CPA chair, Lisa Lenton has welcomed the publication of the examples saying “this innovation starts with people”. Read more.

CPA responds to CQC data on deaths of people with a learning disability or autism§

2 June 2020

"The focus during the pandemic has been on care homes for older people …. the figures released today put in to focus that people of working age who have a disability are also very much at risk. The Government strategy has been focused on older people in care homes and the Government now needs to ensure further strategies are put in place which are inclusive to support people who access the wide range of social care services available, as a matter of urgency.” Read more

Care providers across the country get free access to leading mental health apps for insomnia and anxiety§

19 May 2020

Big Health partners with the Care Provider Alliance to bring apps Daylight and Sleepio to everyone working in adult social care in England to support their mental health during the crisis. Read more.

Increase in deaths in settings for people with a learning disability and/or autism during COVID-19 pandemic is 'totally unacceptable'§

15 May 2020

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) is saddened by the figures released on 14 May by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) showing that during the period 10 April - 8 May this year, the number of deaths reported across all settings where people with a learning disability and/or autism live was 3,765 - compared to 1,370 in the same period last year. This data shows a 175% increase in deaths, which is totally unacceptable. Read more.

Call for support from CQC during pandemic§

12 May 2020

In ongoing discussions with the Care Quality Commission, the CPA has made clear our position, that more needs to be done to relieve the financial burden on care providers. The CQC has advised that if any providers are experiencing financial difficulties at this time, 'they will work constructively with individual providers to find an appropriate solution e.g. payment plan, or Direct Debit plan to support their circumstances.' Read more.

Coronavirus and finance: CPA impact§

7 May 2020

Over the last three months, the CPA has been campaigning on the key issues affecting care providers during the COVID-19 outbreak. This week, we have been focused on funding and cash flow. Read more.

Shining the spotlight on social care: coronavirus and the CPA§

01 May 2020

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) has been working collaboratively with the government to make sure the adult social care sector has what it needs to keep many different groups of vulnerable people safe, including older people living in care homes. This media briefing provides an update on progress and critical issues that care providers are still facing. Read more.

CPA response to mobile testing for coronavirus§

27 April 2020

The CPA welcomes the announcement that there will be a further increase in capacity, offering tests to essential workers by offering increased mobile testing. This will run alongside the static testing sites. Read more.

Coronavirus testing for care residents and workers: welcome but Government response has been ‘extremely slow’§

15 April 2020

It is welcome news the government has today announced testing for care residents, social care staff and people discharged from hospital to be tested before going into care homes. The care sector has been asking for this since day 1 of the pandemic, and the government has been extremely slow to respond to the emerging crisis. Read more.

Local government funding for adult social care services§

9 April 2020

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) today calls for urgent action by local councils following the publication of guidance to councils by the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) on the funding arrangements for social care providers in England during COVID-19. Read more

Joint statement on advance care planning§

30 March 2020

It is unacceptable for advance care plans, with or without DNAR form completion to be applied to groups of people of any description. These decisions must continue to be made on an individual basis according to need. 

This is a joint statement from the British Medical Association, Care Provider Alliance, Care Quality Commission, and Royal College of General Practice. Read more

COVID-19 – Media background briefing§

26 March 2020

Social care has always been a key part of the overall world of care and health. Now, more than ever, social care has a vital and important part to play in supporting whole communities in the fight against COVID-19 and keeping many different groups of vulnerable people safe. Read more

Clap for our carers§

26 March 2020

CPA Press release

People across the UK are being encouraged to take part in the Clap for Our Carers campaign and show appreciation for all those working on the frontline in health and social care. The media is quite rightly highlighting the vital role of the NHS, but there is very little mention of the equally vital role of social care. Please change the narrative and include social care staff in this important campaign. Read more

CPA statement COVID-19§

10 March 2020

On 3 March the government announced the Coronavirus Action Plan and on 8 March the government announced further plans to support the health and care sector. These include outlining what might be included in a Covid-19 Emergency Bill which include measures to enhance workforce capacity. Read more

CPA's response to the Coronavirus§

3 March 2020

The government has just published the coronavirus action plan that sets out what the health and social care system across the UK has done to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and what it plans to do next. As part of our efforts to be vigilant, proactive and mitigate risks the CPA have developed practical infection prevention and control information. Read more

CPA appoints new Chair§

28 February 2020

Operating a rotating chair basis, Lisa Lenton, England Director at the Association for Real Change, is the current chair of the CPA. Commenting on her recent appointment to the role Lisa explains, “I’m delighted to be the current chair of the CPA. 2020 will be a transitional year indeed, not only for our country as we form a different relationship with the EU, but also for our sector as wider domestic issues take shape under the new government. Read more

New resources published to support care homes meet consumer law§

19 September 2019

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) has published new resources to help care homes meet their obligations under consumer law. In response to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) care homes market study (November 2017) and subsequent consumer law advice report (November 2018) the CPA has issued 4 model contract clauses on: Read more