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Subsidised Uber rides for care workers - 25% discount until 25th July 2020

The Care Provider Alliance has partnered with Uber to provide discounted trips to care staff and care providers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Uber Medics is a new product in the Uber app which provides 25% cheaper rides to health and care staff until mid-July. 

Care providers are encouraged to share this information with their staff.

The aim is to provide a safe, reliable and efficient way to get staff to and from work.

Uber will not make any money from these trips, and drivers will receive the same fares on Uber Medics trips as normal Uber trips. 

Drivers are able to pick up from/to hospitals, however, currently they can’t go to testing centres. 

Drivers who accept Uber Medics trips have agreed to wear masks and gloves, and to sanitise their car after every trip. See Uber’s Covid-19 Safety measures.

There are two ways to get the Uber Medics discount:

Care providers Uber Medics trips§

Care providers can set up an Uber Medics account and book discounted trips for their staff. 

Uber has established an online booking portal, so care providers can book discounted trips for their staff. 

Care providers need to email Uber quoting ‘Care Provider Alliance’ to set up a managed account and gain access to the discount.


There are three ways of paying for trips booked by care providers: 

  • Fully-funded: All trips can be billed monthly onto the care provider’s account so staff do not need to worry about paying themselves. Controls can be set on account. 
  • Partially-funded: Care providers can set a spend limit (e.g. £10 per trip - the rest would come off the staff member’s personal card). 
  • Not funded: The care worker would have to pay themselves, but still have access to the 25% discount 

Individual care workers Uber Medics trips§

Individual care workers can also access the 25 per cent discount on trips, without requiring their employer to book the trip.

In order to access the discount, care workers need to have an Uber account, or they can set up a new one. 

They then need to:

  1. Complete the Uber CPA online form
  2. Receive an activation email from Uber and click “Activate Uber Medics” within the email
  3. Enter their existing Uber login details. They will then be linked to the 25% Discount - CPA rider account. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for Uber Medics to appear on the Uber App.

When booking a discounted trip on the Uber App:

  • Select the CPA rider account in app
  • Choose the Uber Medics vehicle and request a ride.

Watch this 1 min video on how to set up an Uber Medics account

Contact Uber’s 24/7 support phone line for Employees: 0808 189 6440

Further information§

CPA and Uber joint letter – 28 April 2020 – download the PDF

Uber Medics blog

Resources for care providers to promote Uber Medics to individual care workers: