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Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

VODG is a membership body representing over 100 organisations within the voluntary sector who work alongside disabled people. VODG is a pan-disability organisation and its members provide services to children and young people, those of ‘working age’ as well as people in later life, including at the end of life.

VODG members work with around a million disabled people, employ more than 85,000 staff and have a combined annual turnover in excess of £2.8 billion.

VODG (the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) brings together the skills, experience and knowledge of member organisations to share learning, challenge barriers, influence policy and promote good practice.

Our members support people of all ages with a wide range of physical, sensory or cognitive impairments or mental health needs. Our vision is of a world where disabled people have full choice and control over their lives.


infographic of the key stats on the CPA member page for Voluntary Organisations Disability Group